School Bell Timer


When we pass out from the school, we recall every corner of the school. Does anybody think of the school? Perhaps, hardly anybody thinks of the bell that reminded everybody of the time and for which every students waits for it to ring.

Well a bell in the school is one of the important things that everybody, starting from the teachers to the students requires of.

A bell is a signal in the school that reminds every individual in the school of the time to enter the class in the morning and also of the time to change classes during the entire day. The first bell tells the students that their day has started while the last bell gives them immense happiness as they get to know that the hours of the school has ended for the day.

In schools of earlier days, mostly manual bells were used but in the schools of the present times, Bell minders are used.

ASI took the move to remove their school bell system, following condemnation that the school bells disturbed students. According to the head teacher, after the system had been introduced, it made the corridors became much quieter than before. It was expected that students would take more accountability for making sure they will arrive on proper time for lessons. Later, a number of other schools in the UK also have taken similar decisions and either partly or totally changed the school bell system.

Now most of the schools use Bell Minder. It is a completely automatic form of school bell system that is used for solving the common daily difficulties of ringing a bell on time, every time and specially when required. Unlike other systems of School Bell on the market, Bell Minder is a custom made School Bell System specially designed for mechanized school bells, from the most basic schedules to the most complicated one. Bell Minder is far different from a simple school bell. It has a different School Bell Program that is based on a clear, simple to follow year planner format. Many schools operates an audio based, manual system, industrial electronic timer or is controlled by the Alarm Company but Bell Minder beats all them with accurateness, functionality, easiness of setup, elasticity and even running costs.

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