We understand that Projectors are not just needed for lengthy office presentations. To cater to business users who have to travel frequently, ASI has especially designed Business Projectors that are slim and lightweight, for easy carrying. To ensure easy usage, the projectors are a breeze to set up and the features easy to operate. They are also equipped with the necessary features to make your presentations a breeze to conduct.

Advantages of Projectors:-

Large-Sized Picture: Digital projectors can be used to create extremely large sized images akin to those seen in a cinema hall. Although a movie projector with very large light output can generate images of up to 300", even commonly available digital projectors are capable of producing sharp pictures as big as 120".

Advantage While Creating Small Images: Even if the projector is used to produce smaller sized images of up to 60", it can still save you a lot of money when compared to a LCD TV of the same size. Moreover, the picture at this size is very bright and can even be used with a few lights on.

Saves on Space: A ceiling mount projector does not occupy any space on the floor and remains mostly unseen when not in use. Even a retractable screen can be put out of sight when not in use, which is better than a bulky television set that is difficult to move frequently.

Ease of Installation: Other than ceiling mount projectors that need an expert for installation, a normal projector is easy to setup and can be done without much effort.