MAXIMUS's - Profile


Globally, security is facing newer and tougher challenges every day. On one hand law-breakers are becoming smarter and more technology savvy. On the other anti-national elements are targeting not just government institutions but ordinary civilians as well.

In recent years it has therefore become imperative for security professionals to rely heavily on the latest state-of-the-art products and technologies to meet these growing threats. Electronic security equipment is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

MAXIMUS as a brand was born out of just this need. MAXIMUS, based in Taiwan, is a leading provider of world-class integrated security solutions, that design, develops and manufacture CCTV Cameras and Digital Video Recorders for any security need.

The brand offers its customers a world-class range of robust, durable, reliable and high technology equipment. From CCTV Cameras to Digital Video Recorders, every product of MAXIMUS comes with the assurance of the highest quality standards.

The R&D Team at MAXIMUS developed variety of CCTV camera range namely Clear View Camera and Flicker Less Camera. In addition,MAXIMUS presents reliable and affordable DVRs matching the industry standards.

MAXIMUS is committed towards innovation, high-quality products and implementation. Equipped with team of technical and research experts,MAXIMUS has obtained a leading position in the industry in short span of time.