ESSL Profile & Product


ESSL-Enterprise Software Solutions Lab

ESSL is well known as leading supplier of Biometric Fingerprint recognition products and solutions in India. ESSL-Enterprise Software Solutions Lab has its headquarters in India’s leading software center – Bangalore – the location chosen by several leading multi-national firms. ESSL specializes in software research, product development, design, training, career consultancy and other support activities.

Today, ESSL is a well-reputed leading supplier of Proximity, Biometric Access Control Systems company with excellent track record and several years of industry experience. Our Products are very simple and easy to operate for the end users benefit and recognized by many users after they feel good they recommend essl products. eSSL’s approach combines professional development methodology and proven project management with favorable rates.

Several projects have been entrusted to us. Our customers have selected us repeatedly because of our proven software development, quality assurance methodologies and testing expertise. Our proven track record assures your project’s success. By providing high-quality software, within your budget and time schedule your entire software development cycle can be optimized for cost and performance.

Our core technology research group is abreast of the latest software technologies. We are passionate about leading edge technology and quality and we strive to maintain a dialog with the client throughout the life cycle of the project delivering nothing but the best for every customer.

Our skills-rich software professionals, who are up to date with the latest developments in software technology, are very capable of executing projects efficiently. Our Quality policy helps in bringing a commitment to excellence and perfection in all that eSSL does for a client. We offer services, which are reliable, stable and bug-free.

ESSL Types:

RFID Card Readers:
201 HE | KR 100HE | KR 100M | YH-2000

RFID Time and Attendance:
essl2007 | essl2070 | essl7002 | essl7020

Time and Attendance Cum Access Control:
SC203 | SC405 | SC 102 | SC 503 | SCR 100

Biometric Time and Attendance:
FTA E9 | E9999 | FTA0099 | FTA1818 | FTA6030 | FTA6161 | FTA S20 | H3 | X990

Time and Attendance Cum Access Control:
F8 | FABC9090 | FABC 9 | FABC 0909 | FBAC603 | FBAC2727 | FBAC F7A2 | I Clock | M3006 | SR100 | U990

I Face with Access Control:
IFACE 102 | IFACE 201 | IFACE 202 | IFACE 302 | Multibio 700 | IFACE 101

Bio Locks and Hotal Locks:
LH400Mifare | L5000 | L7000

EM Locks & Accessories:
HC230GD- 600 Lbs LED | HC230GD- 600 Lbs | HI096-AF

USB FP Readers:
DP4500 | M 301 | OP 5000 | OP 6000 | OP 7000 | OP 8000