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AVTRON TECHNOLOGIES designs and manufactures the absolute best high-definition surveillance solutions that deliver the best evidence. AVTRON Technologies LLC, a US based Company that specializes in Designing, Manufacturing and Distribution of Video Surveillance Systems.

AVTRON Technologies designs Systems as per client specifications. We specialize in manufacturing customized Products as per client's requirement. Our profound knowledge and experience has developed our ability to foresee and recognize the market trends and fulfill our Clients' needs effectively.

We have consistently developed the most advance line of cameras to provide our Customers with more solutions and options to protect people and properties throughout the globe from smallest requirement to the high end assets for Defense applications along with government Infrastructure projects, Airports, Hospitals, Casinos, Stadiums, Hotels, Educational Campuses, Residential, Commercial & Industrial Complexes and Retail facilities etc.

We primarily provide two types of Product Categories – AVTRON Monarch Series for Ultra high resolution requirements and AVTRON Atom Series for high resolution requirements. Other resolutions are available on request if clients have a specific requirement.

We proudly manufacture UL, CE and FCC certified products along with RoHS Compliance. Rigorous QC processes that are implemented in our manufacturing process yields the consistent quality product that we are proud, resulting in a 2 years warranty on our products. We have Global Presence throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Middle East.