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For over five decades, the BPL Group of Companies has played a pioneering role in India, by introducing new technologies that are relevant and beneficial for consumers.

From Medical Electronics, Entertainment Electronics, Home Appliances and Telecommunication, for over half a century, BPL has brought the world of entertainment, convenience and comfort to millions of homes across India.Established in 1963 by Founder Chairman, T. P. G. Nambiar, BPL or British Physical Laboratories was set up to manufacture precision electrical instruments. In 1968, BPL built and launched India’s first indigenously manufactured ECG machine: Cardiart T108. Since then, the Company’s commitment to quality has prevailed.

BPL has consistently met the high standards of consumers and the industry, driven by its own manufacturing prowess and attention to detail. The emphasis has always been on providing customers with world-class products that bring the best in class experiences, backed by BPL’s service support. According to Ajit G. Nambiar, Chairman and Managing Director, the business of the brand means only one thing: “Everything we do will always be dedicated to making the lives of our customers better and happier.”

Today, BPL is poised to deliver an array of solutions geared towards enriching the lives of people with the latest technologies and its rich expertise in Consumer Products, Healthcare, Energy, Automation and Communication.

BPL has been a recognized leader in the field of electronics and technology since decades. Looking at the future with its “Internet of Things” and people’s lives that are becoming increasingly defined by complex needs, it was time to address the numerous current challenges that come with progress. BPL, with its experience in Consumer Products, decided to launch a portfolio of products and solutions that complement today’s hectic lifestyle.

Since 2010, BPL began to deliver alternative forms of renewable energy, solar solutions and smart home solutions that are more “intelligent” and equipped to empower the lives of BPL customers. In 2014, BPL iQ, its brand new Automation Solutions for homes and offices, were introduced to Indian consumers. BPL iQ is an advanced cutting edge set of solutions for people who are keen to get seamless integration and connectivity with their electronics and home functions along with the freedom to control and manage their lives better.

BPL iQ, the company’s marquee intelligent automation solutions product, is already creating waves in the Home Automation space and among its first customers. It has been indigenously designed, developed and manufactured in Bangalore, India, and employs the global standards of latest automation technologies from around the world. BPL is a CDN member part of Cisco Developer Network Program. BPL iQ devices have been tested by Cisco and are Cisco Compatible.

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